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Professionally Managed SEO Services for Arizona

Our SEO Services

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is simply the effort of improving how effective a website is at ranking towards the top of the first page of Google and other search engines.

Many businesses don’t realize just how much goes into where a site ranks on a search engine result. It is crucial to work with someone who is an expert in this field. There’s so much junk out there on the web. Search engines will intentionally ignore your content if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Don’t let that happen you! We can take care of this for you.

Our PPC Services

Pay-Per-Click is a very specific form of internet marketing that allows you to pay for each time a potential customer clicks on your ad.

PPC is the quickest way to drive traffic to your site. To make sure you have the best PPC campaign available, we’ll do tons of research to find you the best keywords, most effective timing strategies, and perfect phrasing. This will maximize return on your investment and draw in the perfect customers!]

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing is one of the best ways ever to connect with potential customers before they even meet you. Basically, it’s through programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Customers form personal, friendly bonds with companies and agencies. It’s revolutionized the way businesses work!

But, there’s one big problem. Many people don’t know how to use social media the right way. So, they don’t update regularly, or post too many updates too often. Not using social media properly can be even worse than not using it at all – which isn’t an option these days.

If you’re not using social media the right way, you’re missing out on pools of eager customers. We’ll get you set up the right way so you can draw in the biggest returns on your investment.

Link Building

Link building is an integral part of our Arizona SEO mission. We focus link building on white-hat techniques which are built on fresh unique content. We achieve this through blogs, press releases and social media to create long-term success. A must for those who plan for the future!

Enhanced Reporting

Our client dashboard is set to display total visitors, conversions and call tracking. When logged in our clients have the ability to listen to phone calls and see how many visits the site is reaching on a daily basis. Reporting is updated in real time.

Campaign Optimization

As time passes, our campaign managers use different tools to analyze each and every campaign on a daily or weekly basis. This allows us to see where our clients’ money is best spent so we can increase conversions and phone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else is included in the different marketing plans?

Depending on the package, your SEO marketing plan could consist of search engine optimization, the development of mobile sites and custom landing pages, QR codes, videos, high-quality blog posts, submission of posts and articles to directories, the generation and maintenance of social media profiles, and more!.

How do I pick the right package?

Just like a shoe store, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to internet marketing. Would you want there to be? Someone else’s size 24 shoes might not fit your 8 or 9s. To figure out the absolute best package, go ahead and look over the different pages per plan. Even better, give us a call or send us an email! We can help you determine your actual needs to get the best deal.

Can’t I just use my marketing person?

Internet marketing is a whole different fish than traditional advertising efforts. Depending on the person, you could be using them. But, do they have experience in Pay-Per-Click campaigns, blog writing, search engine optimization, using and submitting high-quality content to article directories, developing engaging and insightful social media profiles, and creating and distributing video clips? If there’s a no to even one of those options, you need someone out-of-house.

What makes AZ SEO Marketing different?

With over 20 years of combined experience, AZ SEO has helped hundreds of customers increase their online visibility throughout Phoenix using industry-approved online advertising techniques. Together, our creative approach, professional experience and dedication to our customers have made us the leader in the PPC management industry.