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What is Phoenix SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is when you improve your websites visibility on a search engine regarding a specific topic or phrase. Essentially, you are trying to get your website as close as possible to the top of the search engines page for your industry.
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When people search for something, they are much more likely to go to sites that are listed on the first page than the second page of a search. The farther back your website appears, the less likely you are to get people to your site from a search engine.

How To Compete In Phoenix

In Phoenix, SEO is extremely important. This city is known for its size, culture, and businesses. Since these are some of the fewest ways available for people to find you, this is a must have deal. When you compete on such a large playing field, it’s even more important to have someone special on your side, like an authority on the subject of SEO. This is why we exist! We’re here to help you get your company as much business as possible.

All too often people try to do their own SEO work, but that can actually end up hurting your company. In fact, it can even get you blacklisted on some search engines if done wrong. It is absolutely crucial to have someone help you that fully understands how to properly SEO your site. That will always be us.

Why Should SEO Be Part Of Your Overall Marketing Plan?

Are you already paying someone to market your business according to the old school ways of business? I bet you’re struggling to see the need for SEO. Traditional marketing is key to person-to-person sales, but it is only one part of a much bigger picture SEO gets organic leads to your site, which comes straight from someone searching a term you’ve listed as one of your key words. Key words are a huge component of SEO.

Buy using our SEO marketing, we will find you the absolute best key words for your business, which will draw in the biggest splash for your investment. We look at your industry’s market so we’re focusing on the most viable and usable words out there.

In the end, this is how people will find your site. In SEO, they are used to a target a specific group of words a person might search for, those common phrases people type into Google to find something specific.

Local Directories

One great way to increase your web presence and SEO is through creating and perfecting business profiles in local directories, like Google Places. We take care of that for you, which helps draw in Phoenix-based web traffic.

Enhanced Reporting

Our client dashboard is set to display total visitors, conversions and call tracking. When logged in our clients have the ability to listen to phone calls and see how many visits the site is reaching on a daily basis. Reporting is updated in real time.

Competitive Keywords

The hardest part of SEO is finding the right way to market yourself. We do in-depth research on this tedious, nitty gritty part of the business to make sure your money goes exactly where it should. No more wasted pennies here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need SEO?

To be competitive in this fast and rapidly growing business market, you desperately need any advantage possible to stay ahead of the next entrepreneur or start-up developer waiting to slice off some market share. One way to do this is to create killer conversion rates to draw customers to your site before the other guy can even get his computer fired up.

SEO will show you’re the experienced, authoritative expert. That’s a must-have advantage these days, and one that just requires technical expertise. We have that.

How does social media play into SEO?

Social media is one of the more exciting parts internet marketing, and it does improve SEO drastically. For one, it establishes a long tail of customer engagement and back links. Search engines see all of that activity and bump you up higher when they search for authoritative experts on a specific topic. It creates a very strong behind-the-scenes net of connectivity that keeps you growing.

Can’t I just use my marketing person?

Internet marketing is a whole different fish than traditional advertising efforts. Depending on the person, you could be using them. But, do they have experience in Pay-Per-Click, blog writing, search engine optimization, using and submitting high-quality content to article directories, developing engaging and insightful social media profiles, and creating and distributing video clips? If there’s a no to even one of those options, you need someone out-of-house.

How do I pick the right package?

Just like a shoe store, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to internet marketing. Would you want there to be? Someone else’s size 24 shoes might not fit your 8 or 9s. To figure out the absolute best package, go ahead and look over the different SEO marketing plans. Even better, give us a call or send us an email! We can help you determine your actual needs to get the best deal.