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What is Google Plus Local and How Does it Work?

Google Plus Local is a comprehensive set of website and local business solutions sponsored by Google through it’s social media site, Google Plus. But Google also merged its Google Local Places services with Google Plus, which means that your local business profile, social media profile, and search engine are all together. It is a must-have service for business owners targeting Google traffic!
Now you know why Google Plus Local is so important to have for your business, but may be wondering how it all works. The simple answer is that it takes some time to get setup, but once it is, a little ongoing maintenance is all that is required. The benefits are simply amazing. With SEO  AZ’s Google Plus Local plan, we make this very easy and straight-forward.

Google Plus Local Perks

Imagine never having trouble with clients finding your web site, getting free traffic from Google Local searches, and always taking the right steps.

Google has evolved over the years in an effort to be the most reliable and relevant provider of your search needs. One way that they have evolved is that Google now views a potential visitor’s location in order to influence which results are shown. This allows them to receive the most relevant search engine results (in our case, for Phoenix, AZ), and gives you an even better chance of being found.

How Does SEO AZ Work For You?

First, we start by doing all the tedious keyword research. This takes a lot of careful analysis, but getting this right is critical. Finding which keywords to target,  determining which ones are achievable, and carefully optimizing the titles and descriptions with these keywords is vital to Google Plus Local.We manage your business profile for Google Places and any coupons you offer. Plus, we even maintain Yahoo!, Bing, and other local directories for you, too.

Finally, we create, optimize, and manage your Google Plus account so you can forget about stressing over that latest social media element. Google Plus strives to make sharing of information online similar to sharing information in normal life. This really is a basic affordable solution to your local Phoenix Internet Marketing needs.

Check out our three other packages if you’re in need of more advanced SEO work. We have solutions for every need and budget.

Google Local Setup

Setting up Google Plus Local is an extremely important part of your local AZ SEO preparations. There are certain areas that Google allows you to optimize for your listing. Since Google merged Google Local, it is vital to have pitch-perfect optimization of these pages.

Google Local SEO

Optimizing your Google Plus Local listing can be extremely stressful and confusing if you’re inexperienced. We have an extensive background and experience in the new Google Plus Local platform, which allows us to optimize your listing so you can out-perform your competition.

Google Local Reviews

One key part of a strong SEO ranking comes from reviews. Some people assume the more reviews, the better. Well, our extensive testing says that’s not the case. If your listing isn’t also fully optimized, you’re fighting a losing battle. Instead, we like to pair highly optimized listings with top notch reviews for a one-two punch that competitors can’t beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I focus on Google services?

When you search for something online, which search engine do you use? The biggest ones are Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask. In 2011, Google held over 65% of all search traffic. It’s the best, most focused avenue for you to walk down in the search for increased traffic.

Plus, Google has a local places program, social media profile, comprehensive ad campaign, keyword tool, and search engine in addition to a thousand other great programs. It’s a worthy place to start, wouldn’t you say?

Is Google Plus a good social media program?

Although many individuals continue to favor the other, bigger social media programs, Google Plus has many powerful perks. For one, you can integrate your local business profile with your social media one. Still, over 100 million people have registered for the service.

What if I want help with Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?

Unfortunately, the Local Simple plan focuses only on the Google Plus programs available. To manage profiles on the other major social media profiles, please review the other Local AZ SEO packages.

What size organizations would benefit most from the Local Simple plan?

Since this is the most basic package we offer, it is best for people trying to break into the market. It’s great for freelancers, people with very small businesses, and those looking to put out a few paving stones before they get everything else up and running. It’s a strong solution, but not a complex one.