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Local Advanced

AZ SEO Marketing really provides an all-around, complete, and powerful solution to your Phoenix SEO and social media marketing needs with our Local Advanced package. We make sure your business receives excellent Arizona-focused internet marketing, featuring key upgrades from our starter packages such as Facebook and Twitter services, video creation and submission, increased appearance in local business directories and more.

Although the previous packages, Local Simple and Local Plus, are great for getting your name out there, it takes Local Advanced or Local Enterprise to really create a unique, strong presence. With this package and up, you’re in the big leagues.


Using Articles to Get Backlinks

The Local Advanced package includes one SEO article every month, which gives potential customers another great way to find your site, validates your organization as an authority on the topic, and builds sustainable Phoenix-based SEO through ethical back links.

Google loves ethical back links and article marketing is one of the best ways to get them. Then, they start to build on each other. Over time, this forms and incredibly strong SEO foundation for your site, which draws in future traffic from the steps you take today.

Added SMM

Social media marketing is one of the greatest ways to connect with your clients in Phoenix. People love to “Like” their favorite companies on Facebook. Then, they share them (and their recommendations) with all of their friends. Just imagine how the word of mouth can spread for your business when you harness social media . Plus, it is an easy and accessible outlet for off-the-cuff customer service. You can actually talk to your customers and have them talk back!

As part of the Local Advanced plan, we provide you with Facebook & Twitter services, which really punch your social media marketing efforts into overdrive while also increasing your customer engagement and satisfaction.

“Going Viral”

Video marketing is the Internet’s version of TV. As part of the Local Advanced plan, we’ll create the first video and help you launch up to 10 on services like YouTube. People all over Arizona and the rest of the world will find your business quickly and easily!

Getting Smart

When you’re in a rush, where do you look for information? If you answered “on my smartphone,” you’re one of many millions of people who access information from their mobile gadgets.

Unfortunately, many business owners are losing crucial business because they aren’t optimizing for mobile viewers. Take advantage of this knowledge!

With the Local Advanced plan, you receive a mobile version of your regular website, which makes viewing information incredibly easy on phones and tablets. Additionally, we even create a QR code for your organization. Those are the funny looking boxes of black spots that people can scan to access certain information. When a potential customer scans your QR code with their phone, they’ll be taken directly to a specific page or link to increase your sales.

These are just a few of the ways we amp up your internet presence that give you a heads up on your competitors. It’s a simple but complex solution to a big problem.

Custom Landing Pages

One great way to increase conversion rates with any online campaign is by setting up custom landing pages that speak to your visitors. We set up custom ad groups with unique, optimized landing page to respond to your brand new traffic.

Enhanced Reporting

Our client dashboard is set to display total visitors, conversions, and call tracking. When logged in, you can listen to actual phone calls, see how many visits the site is receiving on a daily basis, and see real-time update reports.

Website Optimization

Killer content jam-packed with great keywords rakes in traffic. On-page optimization is the staple for internet marketing. Once you get on the first page of search engine results, your ROI decreases with the need for fewer PPC campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be using video sharing services like YouTube?

Absolutely! We cannot emphasize this enough. Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? If you run a search on any major search engine these days, they also pull up keyword relevant videos. Just imagine what can happen if YOUR company pops up. Video is one of the best ways to gain new traffic.

Which social media companies do you use in the Local Advanced Plan?

This is the first package that really rips into social media with fervor. We focus on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter – the big three you must have to succeed. They make an incredible difference in your web presence, and we can’t wait to show you!

You’ll really write a blog post and make a video for me?

Why not? This is what you need to launch your business to Phoenix stardom. We’re here to make you a success, and that includes providing killer media content for your company.

What separates Local Advanced from Local Plus?

Your desire for success. Local Advanced is a great package for a complete internet marketing solution. We love Local Plus, but it just doesn’t have the oomph you need to make a big splash. Local Advanced includes a much stronger social media focus, blog posts, videos, video and article submission to directories, mobile sites, custom landing pages, and more.