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the Local Plus Plan

Professional Keyword Research and SEO Starter Pack

Local Plus

AZ SEO Marketing’s Local Plus package is a great step up from our entry level-plan. Local Plus starts to become a true Phoenix Internet marketing solution. Whereas the Local Simple package is an excellent starting point, the Local Plus plan will do all same plus basic SEO functionality.

SEO services are important as this helps your business rank better on Google search engine results. Experts estimate fewer than 10% of all potential visitors will click on search results past page one. If your site’s not ranking on the first page for important keywords to your organization, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

The Added Plus

With the Local Plus plan your site is going to have all the local directories and Google Places setup and managed like before. This is great for people looking for products or services in your specific areas.

Plus, it creates an excellent hub for all the most sought after information your customers search for, like coupons and operating hours. In the Local Plus plan we take Google Plus a little further with Google Plus search management, helping your business get found on Google and across the web.

Added Benefit of SMM and SEO

Social media is an every growing need for businesses, but many companies fail to make it easy for their customers to share and connect with them socially. This is solved with Local Plus, as we add social buttons to your site. This makes your web presence social media-friendly.

With our basic Local package, we touch on SEO, but with our Plus plan we really start to address building sustainable AZ SEO results. This is done by using “White Hat” or ethical SEO services such as article submission, social bookmarking, and directory submissions.

Local Plus even addresses the need for blogs with a monthly blog post included in the package. These all work towards showing Google how reliable, popular and relevant your site is. This boosts your rankings over time, and builds a foundation of good SEO. Finally, keyword research, one of the most critical parts of a good SEO strategy, is performed, which helps to find the best targets and achieve the greatest overall impact.

Custom Landing Pages

One great way to increase conversion rates with any online campaign is by setting up custom landing pages that speak to your visitors. We set up custom ad groups with unique, optimized landing page to respond to your brand new traffic.

Enhanced Reporting

Our client dashboard is set to display total visitors, conversions and call tracking. When logged in our clients have the ability to listen to phone calls and see how many visits the site is reaching on a daily basis. Reporting is updated in real time.

Campaign Optimization

As time passes, our campaign managers use different tools to analyze each and every campaign on a daily or weekly basis. This allows us to see where our clients’ money is best spent so we can increase conversions and phone calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Local Plus a stronger solution than Local Simple?

Although Local Simple is a great SEO solution, it is a very minimal package meant to help those with small needs. Local Plus is a great way to start identifying and meeting those long-term internet marketing needs, but is not a complete solution.

Do I need social media?

Yes, yes, yes! Not only is social media an incredibly important and effective way of drawing in web traffic, it also serves as a touchstone for customer interaction and engagement. But, it requires regular updating and frequent posting. That’s where many businesses struggle to meet their goals and disappoint their customers (and why we exist!).

How do local business directories draw in business?

Each profile you create on a local business directory provides you with back links, increased traffic, and local authority. When people search for “AZ” or “Phoenix” businesses, you will show up, which will draw in business you never even realized existed. Finally, you can start seeing the results you’ve been waiting for!

What makes AZ SEO Marketing different?

With over 20 years of combined experience, AZ SEO has helped hundreds of customers increase their online visibility throughout Phoenix using industry-approved online advertising techniques. Together, our creative approach, professional experience and dedication to our customers have made us the leader in the PPC management industry.